Mission Statement

The mission of Borton Petrini, LLP is to treat every file as though we were representing ourselves and paying the bill for that representation.

Practice Areas

We know the attorneys, judges, and courts in the local communities.

This helps our clients who need counsel there. It can reduce the need for attorneys to travel for matters which extend beyond one locale.

Firm Profile

When Fred Borton established his law practice in 1899, the 25th U.S. President William McKinley was in office, the Spanish-American War had just ended the year before, and a gallon of milk cost 27 cents. Many of today’s areas of practice did not exist. There were no class-action lawsuits nor were there toxic mold cases. There were no automobiles in the streets nor airplanes in the sky. Televisions, movie theaters, cell phones, desktop computers and the modern technological age were unimaginable. In fact, Fred Borton’s mode of transportation was a horse.


James Petrini joined the Firm shortly after Fred Borton formed the business. Together, they forged a name for the Firm. Harry M. Conron joined the Firm in 1932. The three original partners formed a strong alliance of legal talent that would become one of California’s leading law firms with 10 strategically placed offices throughout California, from Sacramento to San Diego. This growth, from a small local firm to a statewide entity, is the product of expertise and scholarship. Borton Petrini, LLP holds an effective understanding of California, its people and its law. Throughout the 20th Century, the Firm’s partners became noted judges and justices within the California court system.

Many of the Firm’s attorneys have helped to shape California law through precedent-setting cases. Borton Petrini, LLP has participated in the evolution of business practices, land use, estate and tax planning, water law, employment law, public entity, professional liability, intellectual property, environmental and health care law, to name a few.


In the 21st Century, times have changed dramatically and so has the Firm. Yet, as in the beginning, you will find that our attorneys combine a blend of specialized knowledge and diverse experience.

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Client Bill of Rights

As a client you can expect:

  • To have your file assigned to an attorney who cares about the matter and how it affects you.

  • To have telephone calls returned as soon as posssible, and at the most, within 24 hours.

  • To receive prompt initial evaluation at the beginning of the case by competent counsel with a plan for resolution of the matter.

  • To obtain prior approval for discovery and research projects.

  • To receive timely status reports bringing you up-to-date on the progress of your matter.

  • To receive a full explanation of attorney fees and costs.

  • To receive an estimate of attorney fees and costs, if requested, at the beginning of the matter and updates if the estimate changes.

  • To receive billing statements in the proper format that honestly reflects the work done and the charges for the work.

  • To receive copies of correspondence and pleadings, unless we are instructed otherwise.